Appliances, utensils and gadgets to compliment your kitchen

If there’s one thing designers love above all else, it’s a kitchen gadget. Walk into any shop and you’ll be greeted with an endless range of egg scramblers, potato hammocks and meat catapults. It appears that when it comes to the kitchen, there isn’t a ‘problem’ that can’t be fixed with a whacky out-the-box device - normally used once then left confined to the bottom of the cabinet. However, there are a number of kitchen appliances, utensils and gadgets that really do make a difference; turning long dour tasks into a breeze, or simply making the environment more fun to be in. At Squarepeg we like to think we know a thing or two about kitchens and have put together our own short guide to help sort the best from the rest. So put down the avocado mangler and read on. We’ve got you covered.

The essential utensil

After fitting a kitchen it’s often tempting to go out and splurge on the fanciest and shiniest items. However, any top chef will tell you that it’s the common, unglamorous, items that build the foundation for all great cooking. The cornerstone of this is a good set of knives, along with a high-quality sharpener. It can be counterintuitive to think that a sharper a knife is, the safer it is. However, you’re far more likely to have a blunt knife slip off an awkward surface (think of a particularly resolute tomato) than a samurai sharp blade. In fact, it’s amazing just how much more efficient a good knife set is, and your hands will thank you in the long term. We recommend spending between £50 - £100 on a good knife set. You’ll find a variety of contemporary, traditional and straight-up unusual blocks available to fit in with any kitchen style.

Looking Pan-tastic

The humble pot and pan, great for virtually everything. From one pot meals to showing off your quite extraordinary pancake flipping skills. However, people often think of them as purely functional objects, storing them in cupboards like the Dursley’s with Harry Potter - deep down, embarrassed to let them see the light. It doesn’t have to be that way though, displaying the right pan set can actually help define your kitchen’s style for the better. First things first, toss away those ten pound pans you found in the supermarket - not only do they look cheap, they won’t last as long or spread the heat as effectively as higher quality items. Next, you need to take into account the palette of your kitchen; if it veers towards blues consider using silver or white cookware, likewise, warmer or darker tones may work in the favour of traditional copper. Nowadays pots and pans come in all kinds of colours and textures giving you more choice than ever before, just make sure the type of pan is suitable for the appliances you have. For example, an induction hob requires a pan with a magnetic base while those with shiny bottoms may not be as suitable for a halogen hob.

An envy inducing chopping board

You may well have a fabulous kitchen worktop, so why not get a chopping board that compliments it? When it comes to the variety available, you can pretty much take your pick. It’s difficult to go wrong with a traditional wooden board, but if you want a unique statement piece then swing by Temper studios, whose handcrafted timber items are sustainably made on a small scale in a corner of Wiltshire. Often a surface is complemented beautifully by a classy marble or granite piece. Unless you’re cutting carrots with a jackhammer, these will last a lifetime - making them a great value, especially as you can pick up thinner boards for around £20. To make it stand out, try using marble for a dark worktop or granite for a light one. It’ll also make it easier to see what you’re doing.

The gadgets you didn’t know you needed

Digital spoon

Forget the hyperbole surrounding spaghettifiers and spiralizers, there are a few gadgets that do actually do find regular use almost every day. The first of these is a digital weighing spoon, a handy device that lets you weigh out flour, sugar, spices (anything really) and add them straight into a pan or bowl without the tedium of moving it back and forth between weighing scales. This not only saves time, it also saves washing up. Plus it makes you look like a professional - almost.

Spaghetti measurer

Have you ever tried to estimate the amount of spaghetti you need? Everyone’s been there, you were meant to serve two but now you’ve enough to feed a moderately sized army. And their horses. That’s why the simple spaghetti measurer is one of the few pasta based items we’ll give a thumbs up to. Simply move the handle to the corresponding serving size and the hole will shrink or expand to fit the exact right amount.

An ergonomic can opener

Cans look fairly bland. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about that. It doesn’t mean your can opener has to be dull too though; nor does it have to be uncomfortable to use. Luckily there are a huge number of can openers that compliment a kitchen. If you want to go for the epitome of modern style consider the curved, easy to grip, form of OXO’s offering. Electric can openers can also be a great choice, especially for those who struggle with turning the handle with enough force. On the flipside, there’s a whole range of options for injecting a bit more fun into the otherwise mundane task, our personal favourite being this one-touch toucan inspired edition.

Awesome appliances

The real beauty of a bespoke kitchen lies in the limitless opportunities that present themselves. Think of it like a blank canvas, on which to paint your vision. Part of this should include integrating appliances into the room itself, with worktops being the ideal site for most of these. It’s known that a food processor is one of the most universally adored appliances the world over, simplifying the preparation of all kinds of meals from meatballs to mint sauce. However, the base itself is incredibly bulky, likewise that of the blender. Fortunately, the clunky motor can now be embedded within the counter itself and the devices simply clicked in and out, saving time as well as bucketfuls of space. If you think that appliances stretch only to meal preparation then think again, perks such as wireless charging and lighting can be seamlessly integrated into kitchen design, creating a space that simultaneously wows and functions in equal measure. It doesn’t end there though, there are many other options available to you should you choose to truly make your kitchen your own. At Squarepeg our experts are always staying up to date with the latest trends, tech and designs. If you want to explore creating a bespoke kitchen, or simply want to know what our favourite pasta dish is, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!
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