Finding the right wardrobe for you

Anyone familiar with the chronicles of Narnia will be aware of the importance of a good wardrobe. Not only is it a place to put your clothes (or escape to a fantasy land of goat-hybrids), it’s also the feature that’s most likely to make or break a room. Choosing the right style to complement your bedroom can be quite the challenge however, which is why there are a few things you should probably bear in mind first.

Picking the right size

When it comes to storing clothes it’s reasonable to assume that bigger equals better. That said, it’s important to honestly ask yourself if the space you want is the space you actually need. It’s amazing how much you can fit in even the smallest wardrobe, especially as many incorporate extra drawers and shelves within them. The next step is to determine what height of wardrobe you can fit in your room. Taller spaces suit classical styles with legs and drawers underneath, meanwhile cosier spaces can benefit from a minimalist style that blends into the background. If height is no issue, then you might want to consider a slender looking wardrobe that hugs the wall - this keeps the amount you can store the same, but means you don’t lose extra floor space.

Choosing a style

There’s no point putting unsightly clothes out of view, just to replace them with an unsightly wardrobe. Fortunately there are a whole world of options to choose from, each suiting a different style of room. Generally, the most popular are the so-called “classic”, the “contemporary” and the wall-to-wall wardrobe.

The classic

The classic style is just that: a timeless piece that can fit into most rooms without fuss. Normally it looks a little showier than its counterparts, featuring a pair of hinged doors, legs and a shaped top. It’s the kind that Aslan would approve of, working as a statement piece as well as a simple item of furniture.

The contemporary

For those who want a sleeker, modern feel, this style is ideal. A favourite with space savers, the typical box shape means you get more storage compared to the equivalent sized classic wardrobe. These styles also tend to come with additional trimmings; from sliding doors to full length mirrors, providing a blend of minimalist style and practicality.

The wall-to-wall

Perfect for a master bedroom, the wall-to-wall style is more than just a wardrobe. Because it spans the width of a room, there’s plenty of space to incorporate extra drawers, cupboards and retractable shoe storage. Although available in grand classical styles, most follow contemporary design trends, featuring sliders and internal lighting. Fully mirrored styles are also available, acting to quite literally double the amount of visible space in a room.

Getting the colour right

The chances are you’ll want a wardrobe that complements a room without completely stealing the show (that’s best left to the bed). The most important part of this is understanding the power of neutrals - colours that don’t appear on the traditional colour wheel. By using blacks, whites, greys and/or browns a wardrobe looks smaller than it might otherwise be. Normally we’d recommend picking a single tone and sticking to it, a way of blending an otherwise large object into the fabric of the room. If you enjoy a bit more character, consider using natural woods or muted pastel shades - these add visual interest without overpowering a space.

Think outside the box

Not all wardrobes have to be a box. Not all wardrobes even need doors for that matter. Nowadays there exists a number of clever ways to keep your shirts away from the chair or bedroom floor. For those with smaller or guest rooms, hanging storage can often make far more sense - especially if only a few items need hanging up. Likewise, every nook and cranny can be turned into an opportunity for storage, using custom solutions to bring dead space back to life.

Get expert help

At Squarepeg we know the value of unique design, using our years of expertise to help create a solution that suits you. WIth our custom built wardrobes and storage solutions, choosing from the array of ‘slightly too wide’ flat-packs is a thing of the past. So get in touch today, and see how we can help you turn your bedroom into Narnia-like fantasy.
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