Five smart storage ideas for your kitchen

Modern kitchens are making a departure from the rustic farmhouse stylings of the past. Blasting into the present with beveled edges, sleek countertops, and stainless steel and matte black accents that would be as at home on a spaceship as in your house, modern kitchen design can feel overwhelming.

Naturally, contemporary kitchen storage has also entered this era of sleek minimalism. Favouring streamlined, uncluttered kitchen spaces, the latest trends are pushing not only for clearer environments, but for more attractive, intelligent, and ergonomic solutions for all your storage woes.

The constantly developing world of kitchen design can be overwhelming at times, so we’ve put together a list of five smart kitchen storage ideas to help inspire you to make the most out of your next kitchen project.

Use your space

Although contemporary interior design puts a heavy emphasis on streamlining your home, don’t feel like you have to hide absolutely everything in your cupboards and drawers. Using magnetic knife racks on your walls, for instance, not only frees up that much needed counter space, but also allows you to better organise your cutlery drawers into easy to access sections, rather than the jumbled mess they too often end up turning into.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, it might be time to think vertically. Using the back of cupboard doors to store spices or to hang smaller utensils is a great way to make the most of tighter spaces, while narrow racks for tins and small jars can also help streamline even the smallest kitchen.

Open yourself up

For the most contemporary storage ideas, open shelving units and islands are the way forward. Not only do they offer a great, chic way to store larger pieces of cookware for easy access, but you’ll be able to express yourself too. With open shelves, you’re able to use your everyday cooking equipment as decorations themselves. Vibrant crockery on display in some open shelving can add a touch of individuality to an otherwise bland kitchen. Vice versa, neutral cookware can add a touch of refinement to a more visually stimulating kitchen.

Hollow islands are also a really ergonomic way of storing almost anything. From cookbooks to baskets they’ll keep everything in an easy to access location, especially if you’re looking to install some open shelves in a place where there’s just not enough space on the walls to host them. Although they’re uncommon at the moment, hollow islands are a fantastic and very unique kitchen storage idea, perfect for smaller kitchens.

Stay organised

Organisation is the lynchpin that holds the concept of the modern day, streamlined kitchen together, so it’s always a good idea to design your kitchen storage in a way that makes it clear where everything is. There’s nothing worse than having to spend half an hour digging through tins of beans, jars of spices, and bottles of oil in a busy cupboard only to find you were looking in the wrong place all along - we’ve all been there.

Rather than filling waist high cupboards to the brim and getting lost in a labyrinth of clutter, investing in a pull out pantry rack is the way forward. Not only will it help you to make the most of your space, but you’ll also have easy access to anything stored inside. You could also use transparent storage boxes for dry goods such as cereals and pasta or labelled baskets to stay on top of absolutely everything in your kitchen.

Keep things close to hand

Whether it’s keeping your pans above the hob or your cups next to the sink, it’s always best to store things where they’ll be used the most. Rather than having to rush around searching for that elusive frying pan while your saucepan boils over, storing all those stove top accessories overhead makes for a clutter free kitchen while also keeping everything you’ll need close to hand, perfect for those of you who are more stressful chefs.

The same can also be said for your spices. Rather than having a cluttered wall mounted rack, it may be a bit of smart kitchen storage to opt for a well organised spice drawer instead. A drawer will not only preserve the flavours and potency of your spices by keeping them out of the sun, but you’ll be able to keep those vital ingredients close to your prep area with a far neater and more practical manner.

Go green

With environmentalism and retro stylings all the rage, upcycling some older pieces of furniture that would otherwise be forgotten can make for a perfect old school touch to an otherwise ultramodern kitchen. Whether you use upcycling as a way to add a vintage statement piece such as this to your kitchen, or simply use old tins and boxes as retro storage solutions, upcycling will help you create an interesting and far more environmentally friendly kitchen.

Making the most of your kitchen while retaining your environmental edge could also take the form of growing a window herb garden. Even the smallest high-rise flats would be able to fit a little herb garden in the window. Not only will you save money and help the environment by growing your own varieties of herbs in the kitchen, but a touch of green will also help bring a burst of life into your home.

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