This is a house hidden away from the Holloway bustle, unexpectedly this old house produces new energy from solar panels, and a wood burning stove! Our customer was keen to source home grown timber for the construction, the cabinetry is in English sycamore, sycamore veneers on plywood for the panelling and very unusual Scottish grown Elm for the dresser counter. This is a kitchen for cooking! Work surfaces are in durable stainless steel, that looks great and lasts forever. The design challenge was to provide plenty of storage, being given very little wall space. The solution was found in drawers! There are a great number of heavy duty drawers in the island and dresser furniture which enables an unbelievable amount of storage leaving plenty of uncluttered work space. We also successfully made an outside ventilated larder unit for storing vegetables, keeping them naturally dry and fresh.

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