How to nail monochrome kitchen design

All white remains one of the most popular kitchen colour palettes out there. In last year’s Houzz Kitchen Study, 42% of respondents said that they prefer all white kitchen designs - the largest support for any colour in the survey. We love all white kitchens thanks to the sharp, clean look of the design; however, thanks to their popularity they can feel a little played out, and terribly clinical if the style is done badly.

So how do you get the clean, sharp feel of a white kitchen while adding a more unique, interesting edge to your kitchen? The answer is monochrome - the more fashionable way to refer to black and white! When done right, monochrome kitchens are timeless yet striking, making your kitchen the stylish focal point of your home.

Don’t be too blasé though; monochrome kitchens are quite easy to get wrong. You could fall into the clinical trap that lingers over all predominantly white kitchen designs, with your kitchen resembling a hospital. There’s also a chance that you could end up with a kitchen that looks like a chessboard. So to avoid making any mistakes, here’s our quick guide on how to nail monochrome kitchen design.

Contrast is key

First things first, when designing a monochrome kitchen, settle on one colour to be the dominant. When you try to exactly match the amount of white and black in your kitchen, you’re left with a chequerboard look that can really disrupt the feel of your kitchen. With that said, if you’re going monochrome, you’ll need to recognise the importance of contrast. Using sharp, contrasting furniture and décor with strong silhouettes and harsh lines is the perfect way to add a bold statement to your kitchen - especially in regards to large pieces that dominate the room.

We’d recommend that you keep your walls and flooring lighter when looking to achieve the best looking monochrome kitchen designs. Leave dark colours to the furnishings. Not only does this ensure that you’ll have a bright, open and welcoming kitchen, but it will allow you to constantly refresh the contrast of your kitchen with dark statement pieces.

Add personality with vibrancy

Even with a good amount of contrast and boldness, monochrome kitchens can sometimes feel a little boring, or at least lacking in personality. To remedy this, spruce up your cooking space with small, vibrant accents to really shake things up. You could try settling on a single vibrant colour to catch the eye of visitors to your kitchen, with reds, blues and oranges really lending themselves to brightening up your monochrome. You could even shop around for small appliances or crockery in your chosen colour to add a hint of your own personality to what can feel like a hollow kitchen. The ranges of cookware offered by Le Creuset are perfect for this, with almost every piece offered by the company available in truly eye-catching shades.

If you’re looking to warm up your kitchen more naturally, you should be looking towards rich woods and stone. Not only will these natural materials add texture and depth to your kitchen, but they can also lend a touch of luxury to the room. As we’ve addressed, monochrome kitchens can lack the personality that other kitchens offer, so adding the luxury notes of wood and stone can give a much needed injection of personality.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Most people would agree that monochrome kitchens are classic and timeless designs; this means that they can fit almost anywhere. Despite the classic nature of this kitchen design, at times it can feel as though the sleek black and white palette of a monochrome kitchen would be far more suited to the kitchen of the Starship Enterprise than a farmhouse.

That’s just not the case. In fact, while modern kitchens do tend to lend themselves to monochrome colours, black and white can also fit wonderfully into traditionally old fashioned designs such as farmhouse or Shaker. When used in the right way in a traditional kitchen, monochrome comes into its own, with a cool retro vibe and a real sense of heritage.

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