Kitchen design trends for 2018

As we enter the new year we start thinking about how to refresh and renovate our homes in ways that are in tune with the trends and movements of our time. In the world of interior design, the kitchen is constantly evolving as fresh materials and intelligent technologies are introduced every new year. As such, those willing to stay in tune with trends should take note of the following kitchen design trends for 2018. Whether looking to add interesting colour palettes or efficient design elements, these trends are bound to give your kitchen the update it needs for the coming year.

Bold blues

Despite being the most popular colour in the whole world, blues are rarely used to define the kitchen environment – clean whites, sunny yellows, and wooden browns are far more common. In 2018 you should expect to see more bold and deep blues in the realm of kitchen design. Different tones of blue can being a calming and tranquil mood to your kitchen while helping to highlight certain features of the room.

You may want to opt for elegant cabinetry in glossy blue, or perhaps a vibrant rug that adds blue accents to your flooring. Likewise, materials such as granite and quarts can come in dark shades of blue which add a rich quality to your countertops, and incorporating blue tiles in your flooring or backsplashes gives your kitchen a touch of the regal. And to top it all off nicely, why not reflect this palette with some matching dinnerware or appliances in complementary shades of blue?

Minimalist sinks

Even with the increased efficiency of design boasted by sinks in contemporary kitchen design, many still have sinks with faulty taps and scratched basins. Indeed, as minimalist designs continue to rise in popularity, the coming year presents a great opportunity for updating your kitchen sink and embracing modern trends.

Sinks with deep basins, interesting materials, simplistic taps, and useful accessories are expected to be in vogue for 2018. Perhaps you could look towards replacing your bulky kettle by installing a boiling water tap, and using the extra counter space for a large draining board. If you’re looking to make the switch from classic stainless steel designs, you’re certainly not alone; according to sink manufacturers Astracast, composite and ceramic sinks are predicted to lead the market in 2018.

Organic living

With the continued rise of vegan diets and organic lifestyles, we should expect to see an increased focus on cooking from scratch in the kitchen. This means more time spent using the kitchen for food preparation and more space needed for the storage of fresh ingredients.

Consider designing a kitchen suited to efficient meal preparation by adding depth and granting more freedom to your countertops, perhaps removing some useless appliances in order to free up more space. Likewise, using more fresh ingredients will involve more compostable waste. Such waste can be stored in efficient compost bins, perhaps neatly built into your cabinet space so as to promote easy use for the whole family.

Vibrant palettes

Kitchens the world over appear to be breaking out of the prevailing trend of monochromes and bright whites and embracing more vibrant palettes as the new year begins. From those earthy greens and browns to flowery reds and pinks, we predict that kitchens in 2018 will begin to relish more eye-catching tones as an expression of individuality.

While certain colour schemes will always find their way into our kitchens (e.g. the airy pastel palettes made popular by Wes Anderson films), other colours are more likely to become statements in the coming year (e.g. the colour trends predicted by organisations like Pantone). Regardless of which colours you prefer, now is the right time to start breaking out of more predictable moulds and expressing a more unrestrained sense of colour with your countertops, cabinets and backsplashes.

Open shelving

As kitchens evolve to suit modern sensibilities, many designers are overcoming the traditional need for intricate cabinetry by incorporating airy open shelving in its place. We expect to see this trend catch on with new kitchens in the coming year. Open shelves not only makes it easier to access appliances and utensils, they also give your kitchen a minimal and open atmosphere.

This efficient use of space (with your walls left uncovered by large runs of cabinetry) also gives you more room to make beautiful pendant lights and cooker hoods a focal point in your room.

Plus, when you have a beautiful selection of cookware and dinnerware, it seems a shame to tuck them away in your cabinets!

Matte black

The use of black in the kitchen has been slowly blossoming as a style trend throughout 2017, hence we expect to see it flourish in 2018. This seems especially true when considering the recent popularity of kitchen appliances in striking shades of matte black (for instance, this mixer by KitchenAid or this cooker by LG).

Although many tend to shy away from the use of black accents in the kitchen for fear of creating a less inviting space, matte black can add an interesting touch of colour and texture to kitchens of many different designs. Indeed, you may be surprised to find that incorporating some matte black appliances brings about the refreshing change your kitchen needed for the new year!

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