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country and shaker style kitchens

Traditional kitchen designs

The team here at Squarepeg Designs are able to create traditional kitchens in a variety of styles, and we’re willing to accommodate your vision down to the very small details. With its roots in several different periods and locations – from rustic North American retreats to grandiose English country kitchens – the traditional aesthetic is a versatile choice for a new kitchen. Our small but dedicated team of carpenters and designers understand the importance of their heritage as craftspeople, with years of experience in building and fitting traditional kitchens by hand.

Shaker style kitchens

Quite like the original Shakers of the 19th century, we value high levels of craftsmanship and pride ourselves on making proper homespun furniture for our traditional kitchens. Marked by simplistic designs and honest materials, our shaker kitchens are bound to give your home a touch of old-world charm. Muted colour schemes introduce a sense of tranquility, neat and efficient cabinets make life more functional, and bespoke furnishings give any kitchen a unique edge while maintaining that notably effortless appearance. It’s no wonder that the shaker style kitchen is among the most popular choices for our clients!

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