Quick tips for a Spring kitchen refresh

Spring is finally just around the corner. After what feels like an endless winter, we’re all dreaming of the coming sunshine and longer days. To make the most of the blooming flowers and (hopefully) warmer weather on the horizon, consider having your kitchen - the heart of the home - reflect this. Whether it’s a splash of paint or a full revamp, having that much needed kitchen refresh can help put a real spring in your step. The 1st of March marks the beginning of springtime - meteorologically at least - so there’s no better time to start that much needed spring clean.

Make the most of the extra light

Spring heralds longer, sunnier days, so making the most of the light coming into your kitchen can make a world of difference. Start by renewing your window dressings. You could simply give the frames a modern update or a nice touch of paint, or you could introduce new, updated blinds and curtains. Of course, as the main feature of your kitchen that introduces light, ensuring your windows supplement the sun’s rays are the perfect way to move into spring.

Aside from windows, the way in which you paint your kitchen can also have a massive impact on the light coming in to the room. Using lighter colours - pastels and off-white shades - can really help to brighten up your kitchen. Use off-whites to add a little character to your kitchen; avoiding bright white paints can help quell any fears of the room becoming too clinical.

The lights you use in your kitchen should also be used to complement - rather than overtake - the natural light coming into your home. Use soft lighting to accentuate any darker corners of your kitchen, without any blinding artificial lights. As with wall paint, any particularly intense artificial light can appear far too clinical when it comes to designing a kitchen.

Finally, you’ll want to make the most of that light by decorating in a way that helps your kitchen shine. Glossy, shiny and metallic appliances, accessories or even surfaces can make a huge impact on your kitchen - really brightening up your surroundings. Don’t be afraid of mirrors either, whether actual dedicated mirrors, or just accessories and appliances that incorporate mirrored features.

Change your cabinets

Few things can help make your kitchen look more in need of a revamp than tired cabinet doors. Whether it’s an outdated design, worn paint or, simply, unfashionable cupboard and drawer handles. Introducing new handles is a surefire way to streamline your kitchen, with modern designs helping to make your kitchen appear far more sleek and tidy than it was before. Tidiness should be an important part of that spring refresh, so what better time than now is there to look into installing some new handles.

Aside from the handles to your cabinets, refreshing any tired cabinet doors themselves is an integral part of refreshing your kitchen. Often, bringing a refreshed spring feeling into your kitchen is as simple as just repainting any shabby cabinet doors. However, if your kitchen has been particularly neglected, you might have to replace those dilapidated cabinets with something a little more contemporary. If this is the case, not only will you have a better looking kitchen when it comes to the way it’s painted - but you’ll also keep the room a lot tidier thanks to all the renovated storage space.

Bring life into the kitchen

With trees turning green and flowers blooming, spring brings with it a whole lot of life. With all that going on outside, you’d do well to bring some natural life into your kitchen. While potted plants have been a kitchen staple for years, terrariums are becoming more and more popular. Terrariums are effectively miniature ecosystems brought into your home. Place one in the kitchen and you’ll definitely bring a little extra life.

You could also consider planting a window garden. With the extra sun, you’ll be able to grow your very own herbs and spices from the comfort of your kitchen. Aside from providing your kitchen with it’s own miniature food supply, herb gardens can look and smell wonderful. They’re an ideal way to help give your kitchen a big hit of springtime revitalisation.

If you really want to bring a bit of extra life into your kitchen, forget buying plants. If your kitchen looks out into your garden, focus on revitalising the exterior. Although the beauty and air freshening nature of indoor plants can make your kitchen feel fantastic, having a beautiful garden to look out to makes it even better. With the coming of spring, you can look forward to all manner of beautiful flowers blooming in full. What better way to enjoy your kitchen than looking out to a wonderful garden through the window.

Have a good clean and tidy

For the budget kitchen refresh advice, nothing is more important than simply having a big tidy up. Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason, and the kitchen should definitely not be rejected. We all hoard a lot of things in our kitchen, from outdated small appliances, to drawers filled with unnecessary tat.

Try breaking your kitchen into sections when you have a deep clean and tackle each section individually. Drawers, cupboards, pantry, counters, oven - they’ll all need cleaning and sorting out so make it easier on yourself and work out the order you plan on tackling everything in. Sort out your storage by buying glass containers to store dry goods, or perhaps use overhead racks to store your pots and pans. Keeping your cupboards and counters tidy and organised can make it feel like you’ve had a whole new kitchen, perfect for when you need to refresh your kitchen for the spring.

Here at Squarepeg Designs, we know how to give your kitchen that much needed springtime boost. Our bespoke kitchen designs are created with all those details that make a kitchen truly yours and our specialist team of London-based designers work hard to bring traditional craft values to each of our projects. Get in touch!
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