Tips for creating a truly unique kitchen

Say hi to the new kitchen, same as the old kitchen. In the corner there’s a cabinet, not unlike that found next door. Next to it lies an identikit oven, on which identikit pans slowly simmer away, creating a casserole that tastes like every other casserole you’ve ever had. It’s just, for want of a better word, a bit… bland.

In the world of factory produced showrooms and smiling salesmen it’s often easy to unwittingly install a kitchen only to find it’s not your personality on display. More of a pleasant collection of tastefully inoffensive fittings, not bad to look at but, at the same time, missing a little heart. Creating a unique kitchen that truly reflects you can seem like a tricky task but, with a helping hand, it can easily become a reality.

Ditch the rectangle

The first step is to think outside the box, quite literally. Simple square and rectangular cabinets have a place, but endless straight lines can look harsh if you want a warm look in your kitchen. Instead look at fittings with kinder, curvier edges or use glass-fronted varieties to expose your wonderful taste in crockery to the world. Alternatively, do away with cabinets all together and take inspiration from this schoolhouse turned apartment in Amsterdam, using a modifiable pegboard to put up shelves and storage as it’s needed.

Go colourful

Dulux has a colour library of over 4000 colours, any of which has the potential to transform a kitchen. Why is it then that most of us stick the basics of black and white? Choosing a two-tone scheme is a great to create a truly unique colour profile to your space, without looking like an explosion in a paint factory (although that could be your thing too). As a general rule of thumb, match warm colours with other warm colours and cooler ones likewise. This helps in holding the room together, giving it an overarching theme. Apart from that it’s entirely up to you, from “baby motive” blue to “Pellican” pink, the world is your oyster.

Or use wallpaper

Wallpaper, in the kitchen!? It sounds unusual but if steps are taken to protect it then it really makes the room look well and truly unique. The trick is to fix a sheet of plexiglass on sections of wall near cooking and preparation areas, meaning that flecks of bolognese can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. It makes a brilliant change from conventional tiles, plus mavericks can customise their prints - making the possibilities genuinely endless.

Look up

Unless you’re pancake flipping or decide on having an impromptu nap, there’s little reason to stare at the ceiling of your kitchen. That is, unless you’ve made it look amazing. If you have the luxury of a single level kitchen then skylights are frankly unbeatable when it comes to style and practicality, letting in bucketfuls of natural light whilst incorporating the natural world into your kitchen design. Another option is to play with the lighting. Spotlights, Faraday bulbs, even chandeliers are all on the cards in the land of the personalised kitchen.

The kind of light produced is equally, if not more, important than the style itself. Soft industrial lighting can add a veneer of sophistication, reminiscent of the kind of cocktail bar Squarepeg designers can often be found in. Meanwhile countertops underlit by LEDs give the impression of walking from the dining room into the future. The important thing to consider is the atmosphere you’d like your kitchen to have. Relaxed, cosy, modern or lively - again the choice is entirely up to you.

Bespoke furniture

A kitchen isn’t just a room, it’s everything inside of it too. As such, the furniture should ideally fit a loose theme. It doesn’t have to be strict but we’d recommend matching types of furniture together. For example, make sure all the stools are the same and that the chairs match the table otherwise the room can feel cluttered.

The main problem with either approach is the reliance on existing furnishing and fittings; after all, if you can go grab a handful of awesome spring stools what’s stopping your jealous neighbour Janice from doing the same? Suddenly your unique kitchen might not be so unique anymore. Forget that the best form of flattery is imitation, instead get items for your kitchen built bespoke to its exact specifications and your tastes. At Squarepeg our designers would be delighted to help with creating bespoke kitchens for any taste and character, just get touch! We’d love to hear about your dream kitchen, or just you. It’s the same to us.
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