Welcome to the Smart Kitchen

If you spend any time in tech circles there’s a good chance you’ve heard of “the internet of things”, or IoT for short. Simply put, this is the idea that devices are increasingly becoming connected, whether that’s a thermostat getting information about the weather, or a washing machine that you can control from your phone. As it turns out the IoT is also making its way into the kitchen too. Alongside other innovations the kitchen is becoming more advanced than ever, so pull on your jumpsuit and step into the futuristic world of the smart kitchen. Here anything is possible.

Say hi to the smart fridge

When you think about it, the fridge has long been overdue a makeover. Since it’s popularisation in 1950s America the conventional fridge-freezer has barely changed, placed stoically in the corner of virtually every kitchen. It’s not exactly ugly, yet it kind of just stands there - taking up more room than any other appliance in the home.

With this in mind, the smart fridge comes as a welcome relief - using its large front surface to house a rather nifty touchscreen. Not only can this show you all the important news, weather and events in the morning, it can also be used to draw up shopping lists and even keep track of the expiry dates of foods. Plus there’s still room to put some good old-fashioned magnets.

Easy as pie

It’d be a shame to have a smart fridge without another appliance to keep it company, and what better way than picking up a new smart oven? Able to connect to your smartphone, these devices can be preheated remotely, meaning that everything’s ready to go as soon as you walk through that door. Likewise, many offer the ability to monitor temperature wherever you are - enabling you to actually check whether you’ve left the gas on for once.

Alongside these features are some that help even the biggest takeaway addicts prepare perfectly cooked dishes, with various models able to monitor the exact temperature of food and set a timer accordingly. Others go further, automatically adjusting the temperature to achieve the perfect consistency. Don’t worry though, we won’t give away your secret.

Start the morning right

There’s no better way to start the day than with a freshly brewed coffee. This smart espresso machine goes one better, keeping track of the amount of capsules remaining, pushing maintenance alerts to your phone and even allowing you to schedule a morning brew. Perfect for when you’re still in early-hours zombie mode. In less helpful news, you can also grab a smart toaster, able to alert your phone when your toast is ready - hey, sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the life of luxury.

Bake-off worthy treats

With connected kitchen scales it’s now possible to adjust recipes on the fly, with the quantities of each ingredient shifting in line with the amount currently on the scales. This means an extra egg no longer means a raft of hasty back of the envelope calculations, resulting in cookies even Paul Hollywood would approve of. Recipes are also included on an app that connects to the device in question, putting baking perfection within the reach of pretty much everyone.

Set the mood

Sometimes all that’s needed to inspire a meal is the right mood. Incorporating an integrated lighting and sound system is a simple, yet effective way to do this - bringing the dulcet tones of Italian opera to your carbonara. All linked to a central hub, songs can be chosen straight from your phone or laptop, while lighting can automatically adjust as the sun goes down. As with most smart objects, these systems can be fitted into a new kitchen, creating a seamlessly sleek and functional space.

Gotta dash

Amazon dash buttons are recently becoming popular with all kitchens, providing a cheap way to instantly order items you require regularly. Whether it’s pet food, coffee pods or washing up liquid, these buttons are a simple way to save time and bother. Oh, and for some reason you can get one specifically for the 36th tub of play-doh megapack. We won’t judge.

Being smart about the smart kitchen

We’re not going to lie, not every smart appliance is necessarily one you’ll want in the home. We’ve already talked about the smart toaster, but the IoT has been applied to a whole array of gadgets that frankly, are best left alone. These include ‘smart’ egg trays (that tell you how many eggs you’ve got left) ‘smart’ water bottles (that glows when it’s been left alone for a while) and even smart slippers (for some reason they park themselves). However, now that the novelty of IoT is wearing off, more and more applications are being found that genuinely act to make the smart kitchen a magical place.

At Squarepeg we pride ourselves with staying up to date with all the latest tech, specialising in creating bespoke smart kitchens that genuinely act to make life a breeze. So if you’d like to explore all the possibilities a smart kitchen has to offer get in touch today! Now that’s smart thinking.
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